Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Classic New Years Post

Bet my New Years was more random than yours.... After all, when one stays in a condo resort full of grandparents with strict rules and rebellious children it kind of has to be.

So the hunt for new years fun began at 11 30... As the 5 rebellious *children* of the evening approach fireworks surrounding an illegally occupied golf course (by us, of course), I trip over a tree. With bad shoes and running from the old folks it was bound to happen.

Thus come 11:50 with a giant gash in my foot, and I mean giant, we sit, watch the fireworks, and at 12:02 run for band-aids. Now how many of you can say you have a 2007-2008 scar? Or one as nice as mine, at least.

And with that, Happy New Year's everyone. Make it a great year, you never know when the last one will be. Do something exciting. Go. Now.

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